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LinkedIn offers the unparalleled opportunity of building a wide (even international) business network with the right type of prospect, and all from the convenience of your own computer. Everything you do on LinkedIn from sharing content, to posting in groups, to sending connection requests, works towards building your network. That’s why it’s vital to understand exactly how to identify and build a network that’s right for your business, so that you will benefit from profitable business relationships in the future. We show you how.

When making purchase decisions, 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn*

"There is an art to soft marketing through networking and I'm fortunate to have Rosie as a support, she's reminded me that when running your own business it's good to use great specialists and not work alone. I can highly recommend her."
Anne Millet
Founder of Chemistry2

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“When my time, knowledge and resources were in short supply; Rosie did a fantastic job of connecting me with the right people on LinkedIn. She kept in touch through regular updates and always made sure she was carrying out my wishes. Some of those connections have already blossomed into valuable relationships, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Rosie!.”


I was a Linked In sceptic until I met Rosie from On Point researchwho dragged me shouting and screaming from a LinkedIn nonothing to an individual who realises that this form of media is agreat way of getting your point across without being theproverbial howling monkey.

*LinkedIn statistics are accurate as of 2020 according to